Do you have pick-your-own berries?

No, we do not have pick-your-own berries. However, if this is something that you are interested in, we highly recommend Blueberry Knoll Berry Farm. 

Do you sell organic fruits and vegetables?

No, we are focused on local, farm grown produce. 

Where does your produce come from?

Our produce comes from area farms, usually within a 30km radius.  We also grow some vegetables on our home farm, including green beans and sweet corn.

Where does your jam come from?

Our homemade jam is made here at Fehrhaven Farms using local fruit.

Is your honey local and unpasteurized?

Yes, it is.  

How big is a bale of straw?

Regular size bales of straw are 14" x 16" x 32" and weigh approximately 30-35 pounds.